Final Book-a-Day Giveaway: Blind Spots by Alexandra Levit + a Bonus Book!

Happy Friday, everyone! Your responses to yesterday’s prompt (what life skill has been most important to your success?) have been brilliant — I’d highly suggest going back and reading through them for some great personal development inspiration!

It’s been a challenge blogging every day this week — but there was something refreshing about making it part of my daily routine without the procrastination that usually sets in from “What day should I post? What should I write about? Is my draft ready yet?”

Before I share our last giveaways (plural!), a few more links to my thoughts around the web:

A recap on what I’m up to this week: September is one of the big months for book publishing, and as a thank you for being such great readers I’ve got some awesome books to share with all of you! I’ll post an entry each day this week (bear with me, email subscribers!) and you’ll have until Friday at 6pm ET to enter to win a copy of each book by answering that post’s question prompt. I’ll choose the winners via early next week.

Giveaway #1: Blind Spots by Alexandra Levit

Blind Spots by Alexandra LevitAlexandra Levit is one of the pioneers of the after-college book market — I remember reading her first book, They Don’t Teach Corporate in College, and thinking “Wow — if I could only have half of her success as an author and speaker in this market I would be thrilled.” Alex has been gracious and generous with her time since I first reached out almost two years ago, before I had an agent, a book deal, or even a book.

Her latest (SIXTH!) book is called Blind Spots: 10 Business Myths You Can’t Afford to Believe on Your New Path to Success. From the book website:

Don’t let blind spots push you off the path to career success – especially in today’s pared-down, back-to-basics business world, where the rules have radically changed.

In Blind Spots: The 10 Business Myths You Can’t Afford to Believe on Your New Path to Success, Alexandra Levit reveals what’s different about the post-recession world and dispels popular business and career myths – like “any visibility is good visibility” and “do what you love and the money will follow” – that were never true to begin with.

The job market is more competitive than ever, and you can’t afford to waste time. Throw away the myths and learn the timely – and timeless – truths that will send you to the top speedily and safely, making the most of your journey along the way.

Giveaway #2: Life After College by Me!

Okay, okay, I sort of cheated — but it’s been a long time since I gave away my *own* book and I was inspired by all these others to send one of you a copy!

While we’re at it, I have this silly thing with round numbers…

I currently have 74 Amazon reviews (huge thanks to those 74!) — if you’re feeling generous and you’ve read my book, would one of you take a gander at being review #75?

My original goal was 100 within launch week, and even though that passed — I’m hoping to get there by the end of the year :) Thank you SO much to everyone who already left reviews — sometimes I read through them when I’m having a rough day. It means so much to me to know how my book has impacted people — a result I often fantasized about but never knew would come to fruition in such a beautiful, out-of-this-world way.

To enter to win a copy of either of these books (they will go to two separate winners), answer the following question in the comments:

What are three features of your ideal day?
I know this isn’t directly related to the books — but it’s one of my favorite questions :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

  • Mozart

    The key features of an ideal day are as followed:
    -doing a gratitude journal and intentions
    -and eating colorful(vegatables+fruit) throughout the day!
    In terms of work, I also like to make sure I can have 90 minute blocks of concentration.

  • Johan Woods

    1) Relationships: spending quality time with my family and friends. This is not just sitting around staring at each other, but actually doing something, like bowling, board games, swimming in a lake, laser tag. You connect deeper when you’re being active together. Screw only watching a movie. A big part of this is also helping people in any way, either through encouragement, advice, or something really practical, like help moving.
    2) Artistic pursuits: I’m an artist, so my ideal day would be some time spent continuing my paintings, record some more music on my laptop, continue learning design and also work on projects such as t-shirt design, selling my art as prints online.
    3) Activity: the one “sport” or physical activity that makes time disappear and that leaves me refreshed after it is swimming. Perfecting my stroke and technique, minimizing water resistance, pushing further and faster – it’s an evolutionary activity. I go into the water as one person, I come out improved.

    (I’d love to read your book, Jenny)

    • jennyblake

      Thanks so much for your comment Johan! You’re the contest winner for my book :) Please send me an email at jenny [at] lifeaftercollege [dot] org and I’ll make sure you get your copy :) Have a great day! 

      • Johan Woods

        Thanks a bunch! Email sent! :)

  • Veronica Holtz

    – 60 minutes of exercise
    — laughter with my husband
    — a healthy/delicious meal

  • Rachael

    Good food, good friends, and a beautiful exotic location  :)

  • Tcrowley288

    Three features of my ideal day are the following:

    1) Doing something mentally and/or physically challenging such as reading a new book, experiencing a new event, or trying a new skill.

    2) Feeling like I got enough sleep and am well rested to take on anything.

    3) Doing something small for someone else that helps them, improves their day or just makes them smile!

  • Tcrowley288

    Three features of my ideal day are the following:

    1) Doing something mentally and/or physically challenging such as reading a new book, experiencing a new event, or trying a new skill.

    2) Feeling like I got enough sleep and am well rested to take on anything.

    3) Doing something small for someone else that helps them, improves their day or just makes them smile!

  • Lauren Jew

    - Visiting family and/or friends
    – Time spend enjoying the outdoors, even if it is just a short walk
    – Good food! 
    – And getting through all the emails in my inbox is always a bonus:)

  • Naomi

    1. Laughing with family
    2. Seeing something beautiful and really appreciating it.
    3. A sense of calm and peace in the moment.

  • Sarah

    snuggling with dog in the morning, doing at least one thing that move me toward my goals, bad tv & beers with the boyfriend.

  • Chuck Grimmett

    Three features of my ideal day:
    1. Getting up early after a full night’s rest in order to focus on building, creating, and expanding.
    2. Eating well (I stick to pale0)
    3. Getting a little bit of free time throughout the day to de-stress from work by doing short spurts of exercises, socializing with friends, and going on a walk to clear my mind.

  • Megan Cassidy

    1. A really good, healthy breakfast and a trip to Starbucks.
    2. Writing.
    3. Going for a walk on a gorgeous day.

  • Danielle

    My ideal day involves a healthy, warm breakfast, about an hour of exercise, and accomplishing some things on my to do list! 

  • Emily Smith

    1.) Yummy breakfast and COFFEEEEE :D (good coffee, at that). I love nothing more than a morning filled with oatmeal or yogurt and/or cheese (HAHA, I’m from Wisconsin, gotta love cheese) and a good cup of coffee! Makes my morning feel just right
    2.) Connection. I need to feel connected to the world and whatever means that comes, is fine. Usually this means connecting with an old or new friend and/or stranger via a good chat. I’m a teacher and it can even be something as simple as one of my kids coming up to me and telling me thank you/I love you or a smile from one of my kiddos! I need a reminder that we are all connected on this planet, no matter how different we actually are.
    3.) “Me” time. I need at least 15 minutes of me time. That can come in the form of a bubble bath, exercise (ZUMBA baby!!!), silent self-reflection, reading a chapter out of a current book, catching up on online news, sitting in the hot tub w/ a glass of wine- – anything like that that allows me to just “be” and not have a running mind.

  • Sorakainomori

    My ideal day,
    Writing, Watching my favorite tv shows, and going to work when both of my kids are in a good mood. 

  • Meredith Hawkins

    I’m not sure if I missed the deadline, but I posted my answers underneath. I didn’t know if you meant Friday the 30th or Friday the 7th. 

    Also, you’re up to 75 reviews now! I’ve been meaning to accomplish that for several days now (see item #2). :)

    Three features of my ideal day:
    1. a great conversation – doesn’t matter what it’s about or who it’s with; these can be so surprising
    2. tackling everything on my to do list – it makes me feel empowered and like the day was good for something
    3. a nap – because for some reason I only like to work when the sun is down and sleep when the sun is up. I swear I’m not related to Edward Cullen :)

    P.S. I love the type treatments on your blog and in your book. Beautiful!

    • jennyblake

      Hi Meredith! You’re the winner of Alex’s book, Blind Spots. Please send me an email at jenny [at] lifeaftercollege [dot] org with your mailing address and I’ll make sure you get your copy! And thanks so much for including an Amazon review on your to-do list (no rush, of course!) — you rock!

  • Katie

    spending time outside, seeing someone I don’t normally get to see, and eating delicious food!

  • Pretty Ponies

    We <3 this font, Jenny!

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