Once, during a “restful” vacation in which I read five non-fiction/personal development books, my brother nicknamed me Jenny Highlighter Hands. What can I say? I love books (the paper kind!) and have read over 200 business and self-help books on every topic under the sun – it’s my favorite way to learn, grow and cope with whatever life throws my way. Below is just a sampling of the most powerful books; follow all of my reviews on Good Reads.

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Written by Jenny Blake Greetings from Ubud, Bali, where I’m living for the month of January . . . sadly for just a few more days! For the logistics of planning a trip here, check out The Nuts and Bolts of Living in Bali for a Month. I knew I felt like an iPhone on red battery when I […]

Written by Marisol Dahl Did you know that over 70% of people have felt like a fraud at some point in their professional life? Impostor syndrome is much more common than you think, and it is especially common in high-achievers. This phenomenon occurs when a person is convinced she is a fraud, a fake, able to […]

Written by Jenny Blake If you haven’t yet heard from my post at, we got a book deal! This post will catch you up on all the highlights: recent announcements, piv0t-related resources, book deal behind-the-scenes, and a NaNoBlogMo group that I’m hosting in Novemeber. Let’s dig in!  About the Book The Pivot Method will be published in […]

By Davis Nguyen At first glance, The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age seems to be written for managers who want to improve employee retention. What does this have to do with 20somethings looking for a job—the true life after college? Upon closer look, the book is really about how all of us can be more agile […]

Written by Marisol Dahl In August during the Speak Like A Pro virtual conference, I was struck by something Pamela Slim said in her interview: “Presenting is a full-contact sport.” You can know all the rules to the game, but that doesn’t mean you are going to get out there and hit a home run. […]

Written by Marisol Dahl A daily dose of love and inspiration can be transformative.  Love and warmth—that’s what I felt after reading Zhena Muzyka’s Life By The Cup. Just as Sri Lankan tea farmers gently pluck only the best of the tea leaves and buds, Zhena chose her words with great care and esteem. With […]