Big goals bring us alive. They call us forth, add meaning to our lives, and help us bust-through our own upper limits reach our fullest potential.

The paradox of big goals is that the more potential they have to change our lives, the more paralyzing our fears can become. That’s what change is all about: breaking down so we can build ourselves back-up — stronger, more confident, more alive.

Are you ready to Make Sh*t Happen?

I’ve got a 10-week course called Make Sh*t Happen that will help you take your biggest, scariest, hairiest goal from “improbable” idea to inevitable success. Learn more and sign-up to be notified about the next launch here. In the meantime, read about two of our recent success stories: How Devin Termini lost 85 pounds and changed his life, and a Q&A with Shannyn Allen: From Broke Grad Student to Rockstar Blogger.

Goal-setting: Laying the foundation. What brings you alive?

On persistence, commitment, and surviving the dip

Tales from a few of my biggest goals:

Yoga/Yoga Teacher Training

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By Davis Nguyen All right everyone, January is over. How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Is it smooth sailing? A bit of a struggle? Have you already forgotten? For the longest time, I found myself setting the same New Year’s resolution year after year. Most of my life, my friends and family would remind me […]

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Written by Davis Nguyen “If you could have dinner with any living person who would it be?” I enjoy asking this question, because the answer tells me a lot about the person I’m asking: qualities they admire, their interests, and the type of person they might want to be. When the question is asked of me, […]

Written by Jenny Blake The Big Ol’ Blindspot you might be missing is not about how to set better resolutions, how to stick to them, or even how to ditch them. It’s that you might be glossing over the one thing most likely to help you feel happier and more successful: building on what is […]

Guest Post by Dana Sitar You’re recently graduated, between jobs, or ready to take a major leap, and you’re nagged by that awful feeling that you have no idea what you’re doing. You’re reading books and blogs of professionals just months ahead of you, and you can’t believe all they’ve accomplished. If only you had […]

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” ―Jim Ryun You might know the phrase, “we are creatures of habit,” but did you know that 95% of our behavior occurs out of habit, either unconsciously or in reaction to our outside circumstances? (Schwartz, 2011) Oftentimes we want to make a change […]