“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence”

For many people, happiness is THE driving factor behind everything; where we live, where we work, how we spend our time, what goals we pursue. Aristotle argued that the motivation behind all action was linked to the pursuit of happiness. This category covers my own ups and downs – my happiest moments and seeking to understand my darkest — as well as inspirational quotes that moved me.

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Written by Paul Angone Do you want to worry less? Of course you do, right? That’s like me asking if I could send you free bacon (or the tofu equivalent). Worry is like black mold – it springs up in soggy conditions. Spreads uncontrollably. And often times we don’t realize it’s there until it’s literally […]

Written by Rebecca Fraser-Thill You know what drives me insane? “Under 30″ lists. “Young movers and shakers” awards. “Rub It In Your Face That These People Got Their Acts Together Faster Than You” roll calls. Under 30 lists are everywhere. Forbes has one, Inc. has one, GQ has one. Even “hot seller” Realtor magazine has […]

Written by Rebecca Fraser-Thill Most of us don’t want to like our work. We say we do, but we actually don’t. Especially when we’re recent graduates. Millennials switch jobs about every two years largely out of a search for meaning and purpose at work. The goal is excellent:  we definitely lead a happier life when […]

Written by Jenny Blake It’s so easy to fall into the trap of pinning our happiness to the piñata of far-off big wins. THE job, THE monthly income target, THE ONE. Attaching to these big happiness hypotheses as the route to joy is a bit like buying a lottery ticket every day. Oftentimes even when we get what we […]

Written by Rebecca Fraser-Thill At college graduation festivities, one question bounces around repeatedly: What if I waste my potential? It’s not spoken. Not even in a slightly reworded form. But it’s there, in every graduate’s insistence “…and in a couple of years I’ll go to grad school,” in every tight smile that doesn’t involve the […]

Posted by Jenny Blake I’m excited to share one more excerpt of my dad’s new book, The Bliss Engine, today — this one is particularly relevant for those of you in a job that you might not love at the moment — and isn’t that all of us from time to time? As a reminder, […]