What brings you alive? How do you make big decisions? These posts are a mix of my own personal experiences, as well as tips and templates to help you ride out the emotional highs and lows that come with living a full life.

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Written by Paul Angone We go through college, many of us spending a small fortune for an education, yet so many twentysomethings leave feeling completely unprepared. How can this be? Maybe we need a new kind of education once we hit our 20s. A strategic, big-picture plan on how to truly and authentically succeed in […]


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Written by Paul Angone The great chasm between Boomers and Millennials can feel like crossing the Grand Canyon on a three-legged donkey. Or so it feels. And to try and reach the other side faster we bridge the Understanding-Gap with stereotypes. Instead of taking the time to travel there to see for ourselves, we listen to […]

Written by Paul Angone As I left college and attempted to “find my passion,” I felt like a 3rd grader trying to attempt Calculus. I couldn’t even understand the question, let alone scratch the answer. Each year that passed I felt like a character in The Office, working a job I hated because I couldn’t figure […]


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Written by Paul Angone What do you do when you lose inspiration? And even worse, when you lose inspiration doing the thing you used to love the most? For me personally, I just released my debut book 101 Secrets for your Twenties and quit my 8-5 job to pursue speaking and writing full-time, and for […]

Written by Ashley Josephine Herzberger Have you ever felt pressure to pursue your career or business just because you’re good at it? In fact, most people would tell you that you’re nuts if you DON’T apply your natural strengths and talents to your career. Too many of us painstakingly search for a  job in our […]

Written by Paul Angone What if you could have a face-to-face talk with your 21-year-old self? What would you tell him or her? Your twenties are about pointing your life a certain direction and one way or another, you’re going to be sailing somewhere. What would you tell yourself to make sure you were on the […]


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