What brings you alive? How do you make big decisions? These posts are a mix of my own personal experiences, as well as tips and templates to help you ride out the emotional highs and lows that come with living a full life.

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Written by Jenny Blake Have you ever had a gut instinct that rocked you to the core? You’re in a job or a relationship, and you start getting a physical sense that it is time to make a change. These instincts often start as quiet whispers, and can be confusing and disorienting if we don’t yet know what […]

Written by Paul Angone Do you want to worry less? Of course you do, right? That’s like me asking if I could send you free bacon (or the tofu equivalent). Worry is like black mold – it springs up in soggy conditions. Spreads uncontrollably. And often times we don’t realize it’s there until it’s literally […]

Written by Rebecca Fraser-Thill You know what drives me insane? “Under 30″ lists. “Young movers and shakers” awards. “Rub It In Your Face That These People Got Their Acts Together Faster Than You” roll calls. Under 30 lists are everywhere. Forbes has one, Inc. has one, GQ has one. Even “hot seller” Realtor magazine has […]

By Davis Nguyen I grew up in Riverdale, a poor town outside of Atlanta. To give you an idea of what I mean by poor, our per capita income is $15,337, while the state average and national averages are $36,869 and $42,693 respectively. Growing up in Riverdale, opportunities were limited for me: I didn’t get […]

Written by Paul Angone We are experiencing a dire shortage these days. Not just of oil. Or water. Or food. We have a shortage of humans. You wouldn’t think in a world of over seven billion people we’d have such a problem. But call this Terminator Five. The machines are taking over. And I’m not talking […]


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Written by Paul Angone “Go put this bridle on that horse,” my boss said to me. “And don’t touch his ears this time.” Here are some facts that led up to this statement: I was working as a wrangler at the amazing Deer Valley Ranch in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I started working there, somewhat inexperienced […]

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