Written by Jenny Blake In Part One we talked about ditching the “spray and pray” networking approach, instead identifying clear goals for a small set of people that you are most excited to connect with this year. In Part Two, relationship-building expert Michael Roderick shared his daily GATE strategy: Give, Ask, Thank, and Experiment. Today’s […]

Written by Jenny Blake In the kick-off post we talked about setting clear relationship-building goals: who are your people? Who is on your wishlist for friends, career contacts, and groups? How do you prefer connecting with new people, and recharging afterward? Once you have narrowed down who you are most excited to connect with, it […]

Written by Jenny Blake Networking. I know, I know. The word itself makes you shudder. Me too. My blogs are the most public thing about me; I’m a closet introvert, preferring to spend vast amounts of time alone. I live alone, I work from home, and to recharge there is nothing I love more than […]

Written by Marisol Dahl Imagine having all the world’s experts at your fingertips. You’d not only have a wealth of information—you could use that information to make better, faster, easier decisions. Now, I’m not talking about the Google search engine or even Wikipedia. Google can’t tell you which car to buy to meet the individual needs of […]

By Davis Nguyen “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” —C. S. Lewis Humility isn’t a sexy word. As recent college graduates, we are so eager to show the world what we have to offer. What we lack in experience, we make up for in our readiness to accept every opportunity […]

Written by Davis Nguyen Moving to a new city is tough. Each time I move, a dozen questions are in my head: Did I pack everything? What if I don’t like my neighbors? How will I make friends? As a kid, my family relocated seven times, but adjusting was easy. I could always count on meeting new […]