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Thank you for your interest in our coaching services! Right now, all coaching spots have been filled.

We recommend checking out The Career Pathfinding Program. This online self-study course was created by Jenny’s first coach Adrian Klaphaak and would be a great starting point to explore 1:1 coaching with him!

Are you tiptoeing around an important life or career transition?

Do you have big goals that you keep to yourself because you don’t know how to get from where you are to where you want to be…and even if you did, you wonder if you’ve got what it takes to make it happen?

I know how you feel.

Three years ago I had big dreams of my own. And like you, I felt simultaneously exhilarated and terrified. Buoyed by possibility, anchored by fear. I was caught between the safety I had created in my corporate job and the big dreams I had for striking out on my own. People told me those dreams were crazy, but I knew in my gut that they were calling for me. And that call only got louder (and the anxiety with it) . . . until I was willing to take my own big leap.

I know what it’s like to wrestle with inner critics and struggle with the anxiety of wanting to make a change but not knowing where to start.

I also know what it’s like to get the support I needed to help me move forward through the fog, through the thickness of my anxiety, and toward the big, full life and career that was waiting for me.

I believe that coaching is one of the most powerful ways to accelerate your progress in any area.

I know because almost every transformative experience I have ever had – starting Life After College, running a marathon, buying a house, moving across the country, quitting Google, writing my book and getting it published, speaking on stage to over 500 people  – happened after 1:1 coaching sessions I received while feeling scared or stuck.

My own coaches have given me the courage to take the risks that make sense, when they make sense.

I want to help you do the same.

About the Life After College Coaching Team

At Life After College, we want you to see an even bigger, bolder reality than you could imagine for yourself. We are here to give you courage and encouragement, to be by your side as you walk through the fire of your tough decisions toward your biggest goals, and to help you gain clarity about what those goals are. We also help you identify your top talents, skills and abilities, and then give you the structure, encouragement and support you need to take ACTION.

Coaching is not about analyzing your past (that’s therapy) or telling you what to do (that’s consulting); coaching is about looking forward and finding the answers from within. You are the expert on your life. We will be the champions who will help you become more conscious about what you want, create a clear plan for getting there, then provide support, resources, and accountability along the way.

“Jenny is off the charts good. I’ve worked with a lot of coaches but ours was like no coaching relationship I’ve ever had. She truly became my partner and whether it was introducing me to key people in her network, helping me hatch a plan for marketing my book or giving me the kind of homework that created profound shifts in my thinking, I knew she had my back. I could not have asked for more and I know that I’ll continue to seek her support for a long time to come.”

—Melani Ward, &

To ensure that you work with a coach who is exactly the best fit for what you’re looking to achieve, I’ve brought on a coaching partner-in-crime, Rebecca Fraser-Thill.

Rebecca is the wonderfully warm founder of Working Self (with whip-smart writing on careers) — she won me over from the very first time we talked, and we’ve been in close contact ever since.

Rebecca and I have dedicated our careers to coaching, training and teaching 20-somethings. I worked at Google in Training & Development for 5 years and have now been running my own business as a coach for three; Rebecca teaches psychology at Bates College and runs a thriving coaching practice on the side. Combined, we have over 20 years experience working with twenty-somethings.

Both of us care deeply about helping clients find meaningful, thrilling work (and lives to match), and work collaboratively on every step of the coaching processes we’ve each refined over the years. When you sign-up to work with one of us, you’re actually getting the shared wisdom and mastermind power of both!

You can read more about each of us at the very bottom of this page, but let’s focus on you first.

How We Work with Clients

While coaching twenty-somethings, we have learned two important lessons:

1) There’s a sweet spot for change and the greatest results happen when you commit to something for a minimum of 90 days.

Whether you are looking to carve a path after college, change careers, quit your job, start a side hustle or (insert your big dream), it takes time for your habits and behaviors to catch up to your ideas. In many ways navigating a big change requires you to be a newer version of yourself, and that doesn’t happen overnight.

But you know that already. If big changes could happen with the flip of a switch, you would have already done it, right?

2) The strength of our relationship will play a key role in your progress. 

It’s been proven in study after study that the relationships between mentor and mentee, counselor and client, doctor and patient, teacher and student and coach and client have a significant impact on results.

When we work together we’ll get thick as thieves — Rebecca and I do everything we can to support you by getting to the heart of what you want, challenging you to go further than you think you can, providing tools and resources to make it easier, and putting you in touch with people who can help you. We have an open book policy — you can ask anything, whenever the need arises.

We’ll provide encouragement and ideas around your next steps, and be there to dish out a healthy dose of tough-love if we think you’re holding yourself back. Just knowing that you’re not alone plays a big role in how far you’ll go.

“Jenny is a power tool for good. Because of working with her, I felt confident and grounded when negotiating a promotion and raise for the first time. I’m also well on my way to building a side-hustle that I’ve had a hard time getting started because of fears and lack of a plan that is realistic and I can commit to. Jenny helped me bust through my fears, broke down the steps, and recommended great books, websites, templates, and other resources to make me successful and get un-stuckified. I haven’t felt so creative and in control of my future in years.”

—Roxy A.

With coaching, 1+1=100. In other words, You + Us = Greatness.

Rebecca and I work with two main types of clients:

  • those who are either confused about their career path or are trying to navigate a career transition and
  • those who are interested in working on their blog, book or business
Below you’ll find a little bit more about our process for each of these areas.

Your Career

Confused about your career path, unsure of your next steps, itching to quit your job, curious about designing a side hustle or just want to figure out how to love the job you already have? Look no further!

There’s no better way to create meaningful work than by strategizing, prioritizing, and escape plan plotting with someone who genuinely cares (and who’s been there!)

No matter where you are in your career path, we can help you get clear on your dream job, plan your exit strategy, design a job search, tackle networking and outreach, and prepare for interviews. Our work together will allow you to drop in to the kind of work that will provide you more joy and fulfillment than you’ve ever imagined.

“Rebecca is a perfect life and career coach: smart, kind and incredibly supportive. Rebecca helped me through a difficult period in my life when I searched for a meaningful job amidst the financial crisis. Her advice and support – always spot-on – have been instrumental when I applied to graduate programs some time later. Rebecca taught me how to embrace challenges and reach for the top. The result: I found a great job and later got accepted to the graduate program of my choice at an Ivy League university.

I am very happy with the choices Rebecca helped me make and I could not have done what I did without her guidance. Rebecca is at once a great listener and problem-solver. She’s a ray of sunshine – warm, positive, and full of energy. It is impossible not to feel happier, stronger, and more confident after talking to her.”

– Ainur B.

Your Blog, Book or Business

If you’re interested in starting a blog, writing a book or building a business, Jenny is your girl.

I’ve had my website for over seven years and in that time, I’ve been covered by major media outlets, keynoted conferences, and was listed as ProBlogger’s 20 Blogs to Watch in 2012.

I’ve gone from seedling of an idea to published book, and have helped many authors do the same. I can help you get clear on a book idea, map out the content, share the proposal-writing process, query agents and identify all of the steps you need to take to get from idea to having your manuscript land on a publisher’s desk (or make a plan for self-publishing).

I’ve also helped many people build their businesses with greater ease. I can help you clarify your high-level business goals, articulate your promise, identify your ideal clients, develop your brand, fine tune your message and help you get in front of more people.

Whether you’re working on a blog, book or business I can help you find your voice, grow your audience, communicate authentically and do the kind of networking and outreach you need to achieve the kind of success you’ve been dreaming about.

“In the brief six months I worked with Jenny my life changed dramatically. I went from someone stuck in an unfulfilling job not sure what I wanted to do with my life to someone who is doing exactly what makes me happy. I’ve quit my job, moved closer to family, and most importantly was able to build a side-business making money on my passion. I couldn’t have done it without Jenny’s support.

She has an amazing ability to ask questions and get you to formulate your own thought process. She holds you accountable and makes sure you are thinking outside of the box. She has a fresh perspective, contagious positive outlook, and most importantly, a massive passion for helping others live big. But beware: if you say it out loud in front of Jenny, she will make sure you achieve it!”

—Eric Lunsford, Coffee & Warm Showers

Here’s How it Works . . . 

When you sign-up for coaching, you’re signing up for a true team — we’ll become your number one supporters and go to the mat for you to ensure that you’re moving in exactly the direction you want.

In return, you’ll commit to doing the work, even when it gets hard (especially when it gets hard), and to making the changes you need to make so that you can achieve your biggest goals.

We’ll schedule a few sessions per month (depending on what is best for you) with email access in-between, meaningful assignments and dozens of tried-and-true templates and processes that we’ve honed and refined over the years.

We’ll work through the following three phases:

1) Visioning

During this phase we’ll define what success looks like to you, we’ll dig deep into your values and we’ll make sure that your goals are big and juicy and maybe even a bit scary.

We’ll also set clear deliverables for our time together, so that we both know what we’re working toward, and so that you get your money’s worth — and then some! Our clients walk away feeling like the changes they made were priceless — and we want the same for you.

2) Action Planning

During this phase we will paint the big picture, set a clear strategy, organize your goals and create a process that will allow you to achieve them. We will work with you to create an action plan and a structure for following it that meets your needs.

And if Rebecca or I have done the work already for our own projects? You get full access to our template emails and tracking spreadsheets.

3) Doing

This phase is about geting sh*t done. You’ll be trying things out, testing ideas and making things happen. Oftentimes clients see progress much sooner than they expected, but only AFTER spending some time on the big picture vision.

When challenges arise we’ll make a plan on how to deal with them, and you’ll continue to move through the obstacles that may have stopped you in the past. We’ll determine when it makes sense to pivot, course correct or keep charging ahead.

At the end of the third phase, we promise we won’t leave you hanging. We will make sure you have whatever support you need to keep your momentum and end our engagement feeling over-the-moon proud of everything you’ve accomplished.

“Coaching with Jenny was literally the best investment I have ever made in myself. She helped me move forward toward flourishing after being in a place of stuck for so long. Through her powerful questions, personal experience and her ability to know exactly what type of guidance I needed, I was able to clear all of the clutter and get out of my own way for the first time in my life.

When I found Jenny I literally had no idea what direction my career was going to go in – I had a list of things I didn’t want to do, but wasn’t able to figure out how to capture all of the things that I did want to do. A few coaching sessions in and not only did I know what I wanted to do, but I successfully launched a new career and was able to be more fully who I am.

Jenny’s coaching style is more than you can hope for – it felt as though I was talking to a good friend who provided solid, honest, guidance and held me accountable throughout my journey. As a certified coach myself, I was a bit weary that I’d be able to learn throughout this process; not only did I learn, but I left each session with new nuggets of information and energized for the week. She helped me through a huge turning point in my life and am grateful and lucky to have had her as my coach along the way.”

—Melissa A

Is coaching with us right for you?

Rebecca and I form partnerships with clients that go far beyond just our time on the phone. Your success is our success, and we will be doggedly committed to helping you outline clear goals in line with your vision and values, then seeing them through — as long as you meet us halfway. Given this level of commitment, we are selective about who we work with.

Because we want to make sure we’re a great fit for each other, this program is application only. We only work with a few clients at a time to ensure you are getting our full, undivided attention. We are looking for people who are motivated, proactive, action-oriented, authentic, positive and optimistic, and who are committed to making major progress — while having fun!

If we just described you and you’re ready to kick it into high gear, then you can apply for the program by clicking the link below. If either Rebecca or I seem to be a good fit based on  your form responses and have room to take on new clients, we’ll schedule a free no-obligation Intro Chat. If not, no loss – we will send you concrete, detailed resources custom-tailored to your particular situation

We look forward to learning more about you!

“Rebecca really listened to me while I was working through some tough career decisions.   She understands that career and life need to mesh and the importance of finding a career that fits who you are as a person.   She is compassionate, trustworthy, and understands the impact of this decision.  Rebecca will guide you to ask yourself the tough questions and then provide you with the tools you need to put those answers, and yourself, to work in a rewarding career.” 

– Lisa R.

More About Rebecca

Rebecca Fraser-ThillAs the founder of Working Self, I facilitate the creation of  energizing, meaningful, engaging work…that pays the bills!

Whether teaching and advising students in the psychology department at Bates College, helping forge a “Purposeful Work” movement on campus, working 1-on-1 with independent coaching clients, or speaking to rooms full of people, my work is all about feeling like I’m never working – and helping others feel the same way.

I spent most of my twenties flailing about, “full of potential” with no way to channel my interests into paying work. I knew there had to be more out there than a career filled with plays for status and big paychecks and “you’re doing so well” pats on the back from people I barely ever saw in person. I just didn’t know what it was.

So I aborted an Ivy League PhD, ran to the one true thing I knew – my love of the state of Maine – and began to construct a meaningful career, one tiny, hesitant, quivering block at a time.

Now I help to expedite, clarify, and empower others’ process to where I landed.

I get to be the voice I was always searching for – the one that says, “You can find paying work by holding fast to who you are and to what genuinely invigorates you. You can make a difference if you match the world’s needs with the issues that resonate for you. You can live a life that feels rich and full and worthwhile, even if you’re smack dab in the middle of the work week.”

I’m not a flighty, candle-burning, manifestation-type of gal, though. Far from it. Psychology research guides everything I say and do, and I deeply believe its message that meaning, purpose and engagement are the true routes to lasting life satisfaction.

I’ll say this:  moving toward meaningful work is not easy and it’s not always pleasurable. But it’s real and it’s satisfying and it’s well worth fighting for.

So all those years I kept asking myself who makes money doing work that feels as natural as breathing?

Now I have an answer:  I do. And I’m savoring every minute of it.

Come join me.

“Working with Jenny has been nothing short of revolutionary and brought me tremendous growth personally and professionally.  I called her in January in a slump and looking for direction – by the end of our sessions together I was equipped with a business plan and she even helped me grow my network to attract clients. Oh and I finished grad school, started training for a half marathon, found love, moved across country and doubled my blog’s traffic and income too…uh, talk about all I wanted and MORE…HOLY CRAP. Truly, coaching with Jenny pays for itself and is worth the investment-  she will go the extra mile and beyond for her clients.

Jenny’s coaching style is adaptive to your needs as you develop and evolve and she never wastes your time with useless fluff- she is attentive to your needs without your average “woo woo” life coach mumbo jumbo. Jenny’s coaching calls will make you feel like you can kick butt and take names — but what’s so awesome is that you actually DO kick butt, she’s not selling you a feeling but is highly effective in producing collaborative results.  Working with Jenny got me results that I couldn’t have imagined on that first coaching call, truly her influence has changed my life.  Working with Jenny was worth the investment and I’d hire her again in a heartbeat!”

—Shannyn A.

More About Jenny

Jenny Blake Headshot — Author, Micro-Business Coach, Speaker, Yoga TeacherHi! I’m Jenny. I love helping smart people organize their brain. I’m an author, speaker, and career & business coach living in New York City (when not out of a suitcase).

I’m fascinated by optimizing the entire interlocking system of mind, body and business. I love helping talented, optimistic, awesome people like you thrive in the chaos and fast pace of the knowledge economy. I work with clients and large organizations to help people find their zone of genius and stay there, particularly those on the cusp of a major career or business transition.

I launched my first website Life After College over 8 years ago, then released a bestselling book of the same name in 2011. My book launch was the catalyst to finally take my side hustle seriously by turning it into a full-time gig . . . more on that below.

I’m not perfect, and I don’t claim to have all the answers. But I love sharing my own process, tips and tools to help you get insanely organized, inspired and ready to take action. Not in the name of hamster-wheel productivity of course, but for the sake of big ideas, freedom in business-building and your daily bliss list.

Build First, Courage Second

I hate to be the bearer of (semi) bad news, but the things that scare you sh*tless require action before they reward you with the courage cookie to keep going. Big undertakings require a belief — even a tiny microscopic spec of a belief — that you can and deserve to give something your best shot, regardless of whether you succeed or fail. I’m guessing that’s at least a small part of why you’re here.

My 30-Second Story

In 2011, the same year my book came out, I made a conscious choice to get off my own treadmill of expectations and preconceived notions of success. As terrified as I was by the prospect of failure, I knew it was time to build a business that fit MY life, not the other way around. So, after two years at an Internet start-up followed by five and a half years at Google, I left corporate life in 2011 to focus on serving others and building my business full-time, and to unequivocally prioritize my health and happiness while doing it.

I now schedule my days around fresh air and exercise, and I start each day by reading newspapers or non-fiction with a hot cup of coffee in the morning. I often swap weekends for work days because that’s when I am most productive. I haven’t had a TV for four years, and with rare exception I eat “clean” (no gluten, dairy, refined sugar, or alcohol) because I feel light years better and more creative when I do. And . . . I still sleep with the teddy bear I’ve had since I was six.

But That’s Just My Way . . .

What’s yours?

If you could suspend all fear and practicalities, what would your next big move be?