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Access all courses and templates by joining Momentum, my private community for side hustlers and solopreneurs

Momentum — Private Community

Join the Momentum Crew

Format: Private dashboard and mobile app with instant access to all courses and templates, and monthly workshops
Cost: $97/Quarter (with 30-day Money-Back Guarantee)
Overview: Momentum is a private community for you to generate focus, flow and freedom on the projects that matter most. You will get access to my full library of courses and templates, live monthly workshops, and the ability to ask me anything about business tips and tools. My private coaching is currently $1,500/month for three 45-minute calls. At just a little over $1/day, Momentum is the perfect accelerator for smart, generous creatives.

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Organized Like a Ninja - Free Toolkit

Free Organized Like a Ninja Toolkit

Feeling a stuck or scattered? The Organized Like a Ninja Toolkit includes access to 15+ Google Docs templates to optimize every area of your life, as well as bonus audio, video and hundreds of other helpful tips and tools. To get access to the Organized Like a Ninja Toolkit, sign-up on the right-hand side of this page to get the Life After College Monthly Inside scoop — behind-the-scenes emails on what I’m up to in life and business, as well as helpful resources. » See examples from the archives.

Life After College Book

The Life After College Book

Life After College is an essential manual that features practical, actionable advice to help you focus on the BIG picture of your life, not just the details. Life After College will leave you feeling inspired, confident and ready to take action toward creating the life you really want, through tips, inspirational quotes and coaching exercises. Chapters include: Work, Money, Home, Organization, Friends & Family, Dating & Relationships, Health, Fun, and Personal Growth. » Grab your copy!

The Acorn Project - 2-Week Course

The Acorn Project: A Two-Week Jumpstart Course

The Acorn Project is a two-week course that will help you reflect and start gathering fuel — ideas, dreams and goals — for the year ahead. After all, today’s acorn stash could turn into tomorrow’s big, beautiful oak tree! This course is for you if you are looking for guidance and inspiration to help assess where you are now and where you want to go. You’ll identify your values, learn how to navigate change, explore your passions, and pick resonant big ideas to tackle.
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Email Exhale: Inbox Zero Toolkit

The Email Exhale: Inbox Zero Toolkit is your one-stop-shop of 50+ of the best tools, techniques and systems I’ve collected to take email from all-consuming to a sense of freedom and ease. The toolkit includes a 10-day email series and lifetime access to an ever-growing set of tools and shortcuts. You are destined for greater things—Email Exhale will help you spend fewer hours in front of your inbox and more time on the stuff that really matters.
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Speak Like a Pro Virtual Conference

Oral speech is an art form as old as time; in this series we will go behind-the-scenes to uncover the psychology, strategy, physiology and business-building best practices of public speaking. You’ll walk away with practical tips to improve your confidence, delivery and impact to influence audiences of any size.
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Make Sh*t Happen Course

Make Sh*t Happen – 10-Week Course

Tired of sitting on the sidelines? Ready to Make Sh*t Happen in your life? If you have been tip-toeing around a big goal but can’t quite find the courage to start, this course is for you. What once seemed impossible will become an inevitable snowball of success through videos, case studies, coaching exercises and iron-clad accountability. Learn my step-by-step process for making anything happen in your life…then doing that over and over again, while coming alive in the process.
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Roadmap to Life After College Poster

Roadmap to Life After College Poster

Looking for a grad gift or the CliffsNotes version of my book? Check out the 18×24 poster, based on the popular infographic I created with The “Choose Your Own Adventure” style Roadmap to Life After College covers six major life areas: Home, Money, Career, Health, Social Life and Fun, with tips and statistics sprinkled throughout. The poster and infographic are perfect for someone nearing graduation or even a few years out.
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