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I love connecting with people through the Life After College community, and delight in the opportunity to work with people 1:1 in a focused partnership to gain clarity on their lives and big goals, or on a 1-to-many scale by speaking, hosting webinars and delivering workshops. See below for the various ways we can work together.

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With coaching, 1+1=100. In other words, You + Me = Greatness.

Coaching is not about analyzing your past (that’s therapy) or telling you what to do (that’s consulting); coaching is about looking forward and finding the answers from within. You are the expert on your life. Your coach is the champion who can help you become more conscious about what you want and how to get there. I will motivate you to show up, give you the space to work through life’s biggest questions, hold you accountable, double your brainstorming power, and help you see yourself (and your beliefs) through new perspectives.

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Some say her smile is contagious. Some say she’s “whip smart” and “delightfully surprising.” And one woman said, “Jenny’s speech was the most inspiring one I’ve heard all year.”

When you open up your stage to Jenny, she won’t disappoint. With a vibrant, engaging and highly personal style, Jenny has the ability to tackle issues related to career, entrepreneurship, business building and more with the grace and ease of someone who has been on stage her whole life. She knows how to read a room, draw people in, and deliver information in a way that feels like play. Jenny has presented to college students, entrepreneurs, CEOs, middle managers, technologists, women, cancer survivors and more.

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