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There's no manual for the real world. Find tips and resources for life, work, money, happiness, personal growth, productivity, and more.

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Your own portable life coach for less than four foamy lattes! Hundreds of tips, quotes and coaching exercises to gain clarity on every area of your life.


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Goodies to help get your life in order, including the Organized Like a Ninja toolkit: 15+ kick-ass templates for budgeting, career, health and more!

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Looking for personalized 1:1 support? I believe 1+1=100, which means you + me = greatness! I'll help you gain clarity, purpose and direction.

Welcome to Life After College!

Hi, I'm Jenny Blake. I'm here to help you WAKE UP to your life - not to sleepwalk through it, or live it based on others' expectations.

I want you to LIVE BIG - to go all out, to take great leaps, and to take big risks even if you are afraid of failure...especially when you are afraid of failure. Finally, I want to help you love the journey. To love the dips and proverbial knee scratches that inevitably come from living a life of purpose and greatness.

Your soul hopelessly, desperately, madly, passionately needs you to do that one thing that you've always known you need to do.

I'm here to help you take your dreams off hold, and start becoming the amazing, talented, confident, self-expressed, no-holds-barred, accomplished person you were meant to be.